Con Amore

When this store opened in La Lucia Mall last year, I was filled with a sense of dread – that my credit card would never survive…
I’ve managed to steer clear quite well, only popping into the store every few weeks, as opposed to how many times I actually want to!

What I love though, is that every time I do go, I walk around with a smile on my face and a glint in my eye as I spot many treasures I know will one day be mine.

You see, for over a year now, I’ve been squirrelling my pennies and have finally bought my first property {more about that in another post}.
So I’ve only been able to imagine what half this store looks like in my home and have restrained myself from buying all the things I’ve wanted to.

But soon, oh very soon, that will all change and I have a feeling Con Amore is going to get hold of that credit card and it’s going to be a relationship made in retail therapy heaven!

The thing about Con Amore is that it has two very clever owners – Maria Cochrane & Charles Kerr – who travel the globe with such a keen, well-trained eye, sourcing items with personality and longevity – so that it’s easy to create your own personality-filled space, with not a hint of mass-production in sight.

Walking around their store conjures up endless permutations for my own living space and I’m constantly changing my mind about what I want each space in my new home to look like. I think this is testament to their immense creativity though, as who wants their home to be a bland, cookie-cutter version of someone else’s?

A few weeks ago, a few Durban bloggers were invited to the store for a bit of a look-see, some sparkling wine & nibbles and so that we could meet Charles, Maria & Candice who handles their marketing.
Bloggers usually hide behind the anonymity of their online personas, so it was great to meet some of the real faces behind the blogs.

They told us about a sensational sample sale at their warehouse which happens this Friday from 10am {get in line} and also a bit about their store in Johannesburg which is on my list of places to visit when I’m next up in the big smoke on a DW.

They also had a sneaky little lucky draw which I was flabbergasted to win! I am now the proud owner of two {yes two} of these gorgeous cut glass jars which are going to hold pride of place in the new home. And no doubt I’ll have to visit the store soon to buy all of their various-sized cousins to create a magnificent glass menagerie! 

Thank you so much to Charles & Maria for having us, but thanks most of all Candice for stalking us bloggers!
You see, it was because of her that we all got to meet, have a chat and a laugh and stuff our faces with macaroons – you clever, clever girl!

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