Ikea Catalogue

There are small blessings in life. One of them is that currently, there is no Ikea in South Africa.
I call that a blessing, because if there was, I would, without a shadow of a doubt, be flat broke.
There’ve been some vicious little rumours about though, that they have made enquiries about opening in SA and I’m petrified.
I’ll have to change all my furniture!?

On a serious note, I’ve always been a fan, fill my suitcase up to brimming on any trips to the UK, USA or Australia with bits & bobs from their stores and have always pored over their catalogues online. The latest USA catalogue is out and you can have a read here.

I’m not a fan of all their stuff, but the clean-lined, Swedish-inspired, mostly-white decor and furniture items would find their way into my home easily and I love the quirky bits with a bit of personality the most:

But for now, they can stay away, my bank manager needs a break :)

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    25th July 2011 at 2:40 PM

    heaven…pure heaven.

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