Essie Letterpress 2013 calendar

The clever crew at Essie Letterpress collaborated with some top SA designers and put together a very cool calendar for 2013.
Head either to the Citymob site for the rest of the week or to the Essie Letterpress site from the 8th of November to order online.

The designers who did an original artwork for each month are:
January: Daniel Ting Chong
February: Clement de Bruin
March: Gerhard Human
April: Katrien Coetzer
May: Simon Berndt
June: Adam Hill
July: Ben Grib
August: Jordon Metcalf
September: Mieke en Kara Wertshnig
October: Johnny Kotze
November: Greg Darrol
December: Michael Amery

Essie Letterpress then beautifully letterpress-printed each artwork and bound them together as a calendar – so you’ll have 12 months of awesomness.

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    las artes
    9th November 2012 at 8:23 PM

    Essie Letterpress has launched a beautiful new letterpress Artists Almanac (A calendar for 2013) which has been designed by 12 up-and-coming South African Illustrators.

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