2014 Plascon Colour Forecast

I always look forward to Plascon’s annual Colour Forecast – last year their ‘Dusk of Day’ colour ended up in my kitchen – I wonder what will end up in Ask Ashe Abode from this year’s palette?

“Plascon’s Colour Forecasts are a blend of the latest trends both locally and internationally. Each colour plays a vital role in translating the trends that we see in a multitude of industries,” says Anne Roselt, Plascon’s Colour Manager.

For 2014, four key themes were identified and they all fall under one overall theme called ‘Colour Nation’ – referring to the ways in which colour defines our identities, our world and our experience of it.

The 2014 Forecast Themes are:

Urban Tribe – the unique aesthetics of countries like Brazil & South Africa, which showcase a sense of national pride, reflects a warm, grounded palette of contemporary brights, along with gold and black accents.

Second Nature – this combines our busy urban surroundings with the calmer natural world in order to keep our lives balanced. It’s captured in a bright, vibrant palette of greens and blues, activated with bright yellow accents.

Calm Contrast – this palette shows a combination of classic pastels with grounding neutrals, plus dark blue and copper, creating a balanced, contemporary feeling.

Inner Space – this draws on colour inspiration from the stars and skies to enhance a contemplative mood and is expressed through a collection of neutrals and blues for a deep, tonal palette.

For more information, check out Plascon Spaces or pick up a copy of the magazine.

You can follow Plascon on facebook, twitter and pinterest, as well as on their blog

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    Tanya J
    21st August 2013 at 11:45 PM

    So in love with that navy blue!

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