Colombo Coffee Cupping

Cupping? What’s that you say…?
A new form of spooning? ;)

I was invited to a morning at Colombo Coffee along with some other Durban bloggers to experience cupping, so here’s the low down:

Cupping – in laymans terms – is the art of smelling freshly ground coffee beans after adding hot water to release their aroma. And the aromas released are vast and totally dependent on what your particular nose picks up. One person’s caramel, is another’s nutty and did you ever think you’d hear someone describe their coffee aroma as ashy? Me either ;)

Did you also know that by the time you’re sipping your morning cuppa, 165 hands have handled the beans ground to make it!? And that coffee is a fruit?! I thought I knew my cappuccinos from my lattes, but I was very much mistaken and I was introduced to my new blend of choice – the flat white – thank you Megan!

So why should you go to a cupping?
Well the guys at Colombo are doing them for free on Fridays at 3pm.
The guys – Arno & Daniel – are very cool and know everything about coffee.
Colombo Coffee is in a huge old Durban building on Gale Street which is steeped in history and it’s very cool being surrounded by the badass huge coffee roasters they have in there.
The Factory Cafe is then inside the Colombo building and it’s seriously one of Durban’s best coffee cafes.
They routinely serve their Aggressive Chocolate blend and it will single-handedly change your life!
They also serve yummy sarmies and breakfasts, so make a morning of it, sit back & relax.
Once you know all about cupping, your coffee will taste better – I promise!

So, head to Colombo for a cool cupping experience and to find out a whole lot more about your caffeine fix – and you’d be surprised how many cafes Colombo supplies with their own blends in Durbs.

Thanks to Megan for the invite – it was great to meet a few Durban bloggers and the cupping experience was eye opening, interesting and lots of fun!

To book your free space on Fridays at 3pm, email


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