Beautiful ceramic proteas from Noble Handcraft

Proteas are my favorite flower, so when I discovered these gorgeous ceramic, handcrafted beauties by Noble Handcraft, I was smitten. Whilst proteas last far longer than most cut flowers in a vase, they still don’t last forever – so this is the perfect solution for all-year-round flowers.

Babette Noble hand crafts every flower and they are either supplied with wooden dowels which insert into the bottom of the ceramic flower, so they can stand up in a jar or vase or be pushed into soil alongside your pot plants, or as an oil candle with a separate wick long enough to hang into scented oil which turns the flower into a beautiful candle. They come in a myriad colours – I obviously have the white ones – but Babette can custom colour according to your taste or for functions – they would look absolutely amazing as wedding decor!

I’ve displayed the flower with a stem in a beaker and the candle one is in a consol jar that I’m going to fill with citronella oil. You can get your own from Noble Handcraft at I Heart Market in Durban or online via Hello Pretty, or contact Babette directly through her Facebook page or website.


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