Weylandts Aqua, duck egg & washed indigo

Every time I get a newsletter from Weylandts, I stare longingly at my screen for far too long. It’s always EXACTLY how I wish my home looked – so peaceful, tranquil, neat & tidy and oh so freaking comfy!?

This arrived today and I’m now going to try layering 2 carpets over each other as shown in the pic and get rid of some of my clutter:


I’m also going to haul out the blue dragons given to me by grandmother and see if I can work them into my decor, love a pop of blue here and there. I painted one of my lounge walls dark blue/grey so must share some updated ask ashe abode pics soon too…
{ok I didn’t paint it, my handyman did ;) }

“The voice of Shanghai, the assertiveness of French navy, the comfort of pure white, the earnestness of charcoal. Expressed in natural materials: linen, cotton, rattan, teak. Elegantly harmonious. Exquisitely considered. The appeal of a blue room never fades. Explore the elements at Weylandts now.”

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