#forgotyourlunch – Vida now does food!

vida e caffe has a whole lot of new food items in store so you are sorted if you #forgotyourlunch!

I had already tried the butternut & carrot soup prior to this nifty delivery the other day and it was delicious, so when a very cute delivery guy arrived at my office on Monday with a brown bag full of awesome I was bowled over!
Thanks for the treats vida!

The tomato and basil soup was yummy, but the chicken & red pepper pesto salad was insanely good!
vida are still doing their four cheese quattro muffins and the sinful custard tarts – the iconic pasteis de nata, but these new healthier soup and salad menu additions will keep the carb-concious, health nuts happy!

Look out to for the new ‘Booster Bites’ – they’re a whole lot of hand-made goodness rolled into a ball to give an instant boost of energy using sunflower seeds, linseeds, sesame seeds, dates and peanuts – totally guilt-free as they are contain no flour, dairy, processed sugar, gluten, preservatives artificial flavour enhancers or artificial sweeteners! yeeha, Tim will enjoy these ;)

Try the new foods out for yourself and let me know what you think!
Thanks again to the vida team for this awesome delivery:

20140730-082024-30024939.jpgThe speckled eggs were demolished in about 5 seconds… ;)

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