The PICHULIK spring/summer 2015 collection

” If the PICHULIK brand was a person she would have a wicked sense of humour ,  a strong yet inspired presence. Kind, wise eyes that speak of many journeys through exotic lands. She would smell the way jasmine smells in Johannesburg at the end of winter -promising spring. She would taste of pomegranates from Granada and rose syrup from Morrocco.”

When this is the descriptor of a brand on a website, how can you not just fall in love with everything it embodies!?
I smiled wickedly whilst reading this description of the beautiful PICHULIK handmade jewellery which has just launched its Baraka spring/summer 2015 collection.

Beautiful tribal-feel pieces in such brilliant colors and shapes – perfect for our african summer.
The PICHULIK spring/summer 2015 collection is available online – click here.


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