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For some reason, Rue Magazine dropped off my radar! Haven’t read it in ages and so I’ve just had the biggest catch up on their last 6 issues.

It’s amazing though, how you can stumble across an article in a magazine at the right time in your life, that when you read the words, they just smack you in the face with a big I TOLD YOU SO!
This just happened with the ‘Rue Confessional’ article in the April 2015 issue, which features Jess Lively – who I had never heard of before. She’s a life coach who helps people live from values-based intentions, who ran a free online course and a hit weekly podcast, BUT she got so busy helping everyone else, that she stopped putting her own needs first… SOUNDS FAMILIAR!?

The article resonated with me big time and whilst I had recently started to question all the stuff I fill my days with, this has spurred me on to really give myself a kick in the backside and start doing something about it. I’m taking mostly baby steps, along with a few big ones and will hopefully start seeing light at the end of the tunnel soon!

You can check out Jess Lively’s site here – I’m a new follower ;)
And read the article in full in the April 2015 Rue magazine online here.


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