Typo – get crafty and make your own marquee light signage

To say I am a Typo fan would be the understatement of the century – I’m a Typo addict!
I cannot walk past their store – in any mall that they are in – and not go in and then, I always leave with something. It’s a mecca for stationery lovers like me. I love though, that in addition to their stationery & office ranges, they have started adding homeware & decor items into their ranges too.

These are some of my favourites in store at the moment right now – the mug is definitely on my shopping list:

I also saw that they are having a sale on their marquee lights, but was sent this cool DIY tutorial on how to make your own light up sign! This would be such a good weekend project and the individual letters and LED lights are available from your nearest Typo store.

Step 1: Pick the word you would like to spell and buy some Typo Wooden Letters. Measure the letters using a ruler and make a chalk line down the centre of each letter, then evenly mark out where each light will go with a dot. These dots will act as your guide as to where to drill the holes.
Step 2: Decide where you would like to mount your letters; an A2 blackboard is shown here. Measure out even positions for each letter, using the width and length of your mounting board as a guide. Using chalk, trace around the letters so you know exactly where to place the letters on the board.
Step 3: Drill into one of the markings on a letter with a small drill – then test by putting a LED light through the hole – this will ensure that the lights fit into the holes once you have mounted the letters.
Step 4: For extra reinforcement, glue each letter in place before you begin to drill. remember to allow the glue to dry before you drill! Once your letters are in place, use a small drill to drill the holes along where you’ve marked up each letter with a dot. Ensure that you drill through not only the letter but your mounting board too. This is where you will need to place each LED light.
Step 5: Once all of the holes have been drilled, insert your lights from the back of the board until they pop out the front of the letter holes. Any excess cabling can be duct-taped to the back of the board, so you don’t see them.
Step 6: Voila! Your own sign is complete – now hang or mount wherever you want making sure you have access to the on/off switch. Enjoy!

Head to the Typo store at Gateway, Midlands Mall or Galleria if you are in Durban for more inspiration.

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