BESETdurban – Urban exploration

You may or may not have heard of BESETdurban – they organise walks around our beautiful city which unearth forgotten or hidden nooks & crannies that you haven’t seen before, or highlight a building or area that you’ve walked or driven past everyday and yet never really looked at.
Formed by 3 uber-cool cats – Dane Forman, Cameron Finnie and Mark Bellingan, they are often joined by industry professionals on their regular walks around Durban and have quite the following – check out their new website for details of previous walks and follow their blog for details on new ones.
“Our purpose as we see it, is to re-introduce Durbanites to their city, and proudly introduce the world to our incredible home.
In many ways BESETdurban is an experiment that has become a movement. There exists a common misconception that the small port city of Durban at the southern tip of Africa is sleepy, backwater and generally unappealing. Our intent, our goal, our mission was to have this notion corrected, even destroyed. Our aim was to have it replaced with a more true, more exciting notion, that Durban is worth exploring.”

The walks are FREE, have been featured in The New York Times, National Geographic Traveler & House & Leisure Magazine – so what are you waiting for – your turn next!

For more info visit their website and follow them on facebook or instagram or twitter.

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