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Yesterday morning my internet went down and I totally lost my cool. After a bit of a rant though, I realised this was entirely a ‘first world problem’ and I got over it. It did get me thinking though, about how much we take for granted in our lives and whilst we are faced with a magnitude of hurdles in our country particularly, some of what we are faced with is surmountable – if we give it our support.

Now I’m not going to go into a whole debate on whose responsibility it is to be providing basic services in SA (sheesh, talk about a can of worms!) and the internet isn’t necessarily a basic service which most people need to live their daily lives. However, there are certain basics which everyone should have access to and this brings me to an initiative which I believe needs our support.

By now, most people reading this post would have heard of the MySchool campaign. Some of us have even chosen a particular school to support, as most schools in our country are under-resourced and the campaign allows cardholders to make a difference to these schools without it costing them a cent.
Well to coincide with Youth Day this year, MySchool have teamed up with the Tutudesk Campaign – Tutu being the raddest Archbishop around – Archbishop Desmond Tutu. I’ve always loved him – he doesn’t mince his words – like me ;)

So, what is the Tutudesk Campaign? 
I did a bit of research and was horrified to discover that nearly 3 million children in SA attend school everyday and they have no desk to work at… how is this even possible!? I would never be able to cope without access to a desk – could you?
With these stats at hand, the Tutudesk Campaign was initiated to provide portable school desks to kids throughout Africa and just last year MySchool provided 7000 of these lap desks to South African school children.
Now remember the stat – 3 million kids without desks… So you can see how far they have to go.



How can YOU get involved ?
Swipe your MySchool card to support the Tutudesk Campaign between 13th & 16th June 2015:  

  • MySchool wants to raise R350 000.00 to be able to provide 2 500 lap desks to SA school children.
  • Between 13th & 16th June – just 4 days – every time you swipe your MySchool card at a participating retailers, R1 will be donated to the Tutudesk Campaign.
  • You can swipe your card at any Woolworths, Waltons, Toys R Us, Reggie’s & EngenFoodstops
  • The R1 donation will be made over and above the contribution already made towards your selected beneficiary – so your usual beneficiary will not lose out.

Tomorrow is the 1st day of the campaign and it only lasts for 4 days – so please do your bit & swipe your card to support the Tutudesk campaign! If you don’t have a MySchool card – click here to sign up for one.

For more info on the campaign:
Follow the hashtag #Tutudesk on twitter or
head to the
MySchool facebook page here and their twitter page here



* This is posted in collaboration with MySchool.
I do personally support MySchool and all views are my own.

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