Winter has arrived – now what to wear!?

I love winter – yes you read that right – Love it!
I much prefer the cold months and getting dressed in layers and donning a hoodie – it’s my best. My all-time favourite holiday was skiing in Italy – go figure for a girl born in Durban – the most tropical place on earth…sheesh, I should’ve been born in Iceland – way more my style.

Durbs being as tropical as it is though, means we are ill-equipped to tackle any kind of cold and this particular winter suddenly feels a lot nippier than previous ones – so I’m on the hunt for some new jerseys, snoods and hoodies. I’m totally not a fashionista & refuse to spend loads on items I will only wear for one season, so I most often head to good old Mr P for these items. Just had a squizz at some of their new stuff and this is what I’m keen on:
Yes I’m a plain greys and simple styling kind of girl – I think it makes it easier to integrate these pieces with an existing wardrobe. Check out the rest of this budget-savvy range hereclick.

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