Well I Am Challenge

There are just 21 days left in the well i am challenge and we’re being challenged to stay sugar-free for them.
I’m 6 weeks in and have managed to stay pretty healthy despite having flu, Taste of Durban and Burgerfest to contend with ;)

That’s because the reason I joined the well i am challenge was to embrace a wellness journey, instead of a full-on diet change, which someone like me wouldn’t be able to maintain after the challenge ended. So, whilst there have been cheat days, I’ve countered them with good days of smoothies & salads and have remained conscious of what foods are actually made of.

It’s incredible how much processed food we actually consume, when you start paying attention to it. Everything from added salt & sugar, preservatives and fats are sneakily disguised in so many things we eat and we’ve just accepted it along the way. Now I’m not going to be turning vegan or giving up a chocolate croissant every now and then, but conscious eating is something I can definitely buy into and that’s what I’ve made my wellness journey about.

I thought I’d give you the details of some of the meals I’ve prepared, just so you can see that they are not all made up of lettuce leaves and seeds!
I’ve turned into a bit of a Nutribullet freak lately and no, I am not sponsored by them, nor did I get my Nutribullet for free. I bought it myself and fell in love with it all on my own. So gone are the days of juicing and then taking 20 minutes to clean that bastard machine! Yoh that used to drive me batty!
I love juicing, but the hassle of cleaning up afterwards, not so much. And I was always a bit peeved at how much of the fruit and veg was then thrown away – it was daft!
The Nutribullet takes fruits and veg whole and when you blend everything, it extracts the good nutrients and liquidises all the solids and makes for one helluva tasty smoothie! And then you just run the thing under a tap and it’s clean – YES!

Seriously, it’s that easy, so I make these babies almost every morning.
You can check out the recipes for the smoothies shown above, on my instagram feed – I’ve hashtagged each of them with #askashe_nutriblast so you can find them all together. They might look like milkshakes, but between them they contain a mix of protein powder, kale, chia seeds, yogurt, berries, oranges and coconut water – all mega healthy.

Then one of the easiest meals I make is a salmon/trout salad. Woolies sell small packs of trout for less than R25 – sometimes they’re on special, so I buy a few and freeze them. I squeeze lemon juice over the trout and serve on with rocket & butter lettuce and red onion with mixed seeds sprinkled over the top and a drizzle of balsamic – easy peasy.

But the meal I am most keen on sharing is one which you’d think wouldn’t be included on a ‘healthy’ food diet – fish & chips.
I love me a plate of fries, that’s one thing you will not be able to deny me – but I know how bad they are for you, because of all that oil to make them crispy. I’ve tried my fair share of oven fries and none of them quite measure up – they’ve got to be cripsy on the outside and soft on the inside.

I was totally spoiled though by Philips, who sent me an airfryer when I joined the well i am challenge, so yes I got it for free, but no, I haven’t even been asked to write about it. But I’m gonna, oh yes I am!
I have been AMAZED at this appliance and we’ve had fish & chips cooked entirely in the airfryer, with absolutely zero oil whatsoever at least 3 times since getting it. Yup, no oil – just AIR!
And the chips – they are fan-freaking-tastic!!! Seriously, they are the best chips and the best part – they are ready in 15 minutes!
I put the chips in first, half cook them, then take them out and put the fish fillets in and cook those through. Then I take those out and put the chips back in – this way they are ready around the same time and still warm – you can’t fit fish and chips in there for 2 people at the same time, so this is what I came up with and it worked. The airfryer can grill, roast and bake too, so I’m on the hunt for more recipes – do any of you use one?

So, fish and chips are on the menu more often now and along with healthier cooking methods, taking note of what and where my food comes from, as well as regularly making smoothies, I’m feeling good.
I can’t promise that I won’t eat anything containing sugar for the next 21 days, but I’m certainly going to try.
Wait, does vodka and dry lemon have sugar in it? ;)

Check out the well iam facebook and website pages for more details on the sugar-free challenge and for more recipes, tips and chances to win prizes.

* I was sponsored to take part in the well i am challenge but all thoughts and opinions are my own and I have not been asked to write about any one product or sponsor. And I still won’t share my weight with you.

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  • Reply
    4th September 2015 at 8:32 PM

    The air fryer sounds amazing and perfect for kiddies meals too! I think it’s time for a Nutribullet too x

  • Reply
    2nd September 2015 at 8:07 AM

    Ooooh, me needs to buy myself and the kiddies an airfryer, sounds delicious !!

    • Reply
      Nicola Ashe
      2nd September 2015 at 9:29 AM

      Susan, it really is awesome – do it, the kids will love you!

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