Durban Street Food Festival at 8MS

The food scene is hotting up again big time in our town, with another food festival on the cards – this time you’ll need to head to Rivertown, to 8 Morrison Street, or 8MS as it’s now known. The first ever Durban Street Food Festival will take place from 24th – 27th September, with a smorgasbord of tastes and flavours promised, ranging from African, to Indian and Asian.
Music, comedy and cultural performances are also included in this 4-day festival, so book your tickets now.

8MS has also recently seen the launch of their POD Community – a pioneering group of entrepreneurs, artisans, clothing designers, creatives and crafters who have opened shop in the newly built office & retail space. This dynamic space is totally new for Durban and merges retail space with ever-changing live events and markets, and it’s set to spearhead the urban regeneration movement in this neighbourhood. With both ground floor retail and first floor office space, this little community has embraced the collaborative consumption business model, which is gaining awesome momentum in South Africa lately.

Having just recently started my own business, I’m all for this collaborative movement – I’ve been overwhelmed at the amount of positive sharing of ideas, information and resources and a general feeing of collaboration not competition. Sure its not a traditional business model, but it seems this new age of entrepreneurs is quite happy to point the middle finger at that anyway – good on us!

So after all this waffling, I guess I’m saying that it’s time to start embracing some of the cool stuff happening in our city and support your local businesses, give the ‘little guy’ a chance, get into the city, show your support for those pioneering the change, think local and make a your difference.

There are some rad businesses already trading down at 8MS, here are just a few:

Firebird Coffee
Dirty Indigo
Scoop me s’More
and Boutique Boulangerie opens at the end of September.

Tickets for the Durban Street Food Festival will be available at the door, or you can reserve your early bird tickets by emailing: – they are R150 and will get you a 4-day pass to all areas and stages.
Otherwise it’s R50 per day.

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