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September heralded the start of Spring in South Africa and the rains have been hectic all month in Durban – my garden is full of new blossoms and millions of weeds!

I visited Hall’s Garden Pavilion in Amanzimtoti and Hingham Nursery in Durban North recently and stocked up on groundcover to try to alleviate this problem – I’m hoping that if I cover up some of the gaps between the lavender in the flowerbeds, that this will prevent so many weeds popping up after the rain.

I’m also trying to replace the existing plants in our garden with those that require very little water, so each time I visit one of the SANA affiliated nurseries, through Life is a Garden, I stock up on a few more. So far I have a thriving bush of strelitzias, some crazy snake plants and lots of aloes. My fire stick bushes seem to be growing wider than they are taller, so am going to have to get stuck into those this weekend.

It’s great visiting different nurseries each month – there’s always something different that catches my eye. The herb selection at Hall’s Garden Pavilion is amazing and I’m now trying to plant lettuce, spinach, parsley and basil in batches, so that when it grows, it doesn’t all mature at the same time – I learnt this the hard way when everything was ready at once and we couldn’t eat it all!

Julie at Hingham Nursery is so knowledgeable and is happy to answer all your questions – which is great for a newbie gardener like me! Their tea garden and kid’s play area is also fab and the coffee is great.

What nurseries are your favourite?
If you’re looking for one near you, check out the Life is a Garden website for details, they also have fab tips and updates on what to plant when on their facebook page.

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