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2018 has been the year I’ve tried to embrace ‘going green’ more than ever before.
I’ve switched to bamboo toothbrushes, stocked up on paper and glass straws, introduced reusable beeswax wraps to our kitchen and have started to decant my products from their packaging, which is then recycled, into glass jars and bottles. Not only does it give my grocery cupboard a uniform look and I can see everything easily, but it preserves the perishables too, because the containers are airtight.

We only got our first Consol store in Durban when Cornubia Mall opened last year and prior to that I was always so peeved when I saw the cool jars Vicki Sleet got her hands on down in Cape Town from their store – FOMO! I love their old school pickling jars and have loads filled with stationery odds and ends –  I’m obsessed with storing stuff in containers – particularly glass, so Consol has always been like mecca to me – OCD much!?
My favourite are the jars which you can write on with chalk – they even come with a piece of chalk when you buy them.

Glass is 100% natural and 100% recyclable, so it’s a no-brainer to add it to your home if you’re wanting to make eco-conscious choices about your footprint on the environment. Plus it just looks better – my grocery cupboard sparkles with reflections off the glass jars in the afternoon sun and it makes me feel like I’ve got my shit together being so organised! ;)

OK so now for the good part – you can sexy up your home too and go green with glass, because the Consol Glass Red Hot Sale has kicked off across SA!
With up to 50% off selected glass products, now is the time to visit our Cornubia stall, or if you’re in Cape Town head to Stellenbosch and in JHB, head to Woodmead.

An idea of some of the discounts on offer:
3L ‘My Jars’ are 50% off – only R22.50 and 2L Square Cookie Jars are on sale for R27.10 each.
The super handy ‘Jar in a Jar’ which lets you separate sprinkles or dressing from your salad/meal and carry together in one jar, are just R34.80 for a 1L size.
500ml ‘Grip n Go’ bottles are R16.30 and 150ml ‘Yogi Jars’ are R6.90.
500ml ‘Broadway Jars’ are R13.60 – perfect for stationery and crafting materials storage.

Find our Consol store in Durban at Cornubia Mall and the Red Hot Sale is on until 6 August only – let me know if you score any great deals!

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