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    Durban Business – Thrive

    I recently met the team at Thrive in Kloof and had to share this amazing small business with you. I spent time chatting to owner, Lynda Bryant Mutsaerts, about the history…


    Ask Ashe Store Live

    Finally got the Ask Ashe store live after sending out 2020 Planner pre-orders – thank you for the incredible support! You can now shop the range online at or click…


    My Superbalist Fashion Faves

    Ask me to go shopping for clothing and I’ll immediately head online – it is my favourite way to shop as I am not a fan of trawling malls for fashion…


    Ask Ashe is 10

    Never imagined back in 2009 that I would write that out in 2019 – Ask Ashe is flipping ten years old… What a journey!Over 2000 posts, over 4500 images and quite…


    Consol Red Hot Sale

    2018 has been the year I’ve tried to embrace ‘going green’ more than ever before. I’ve switched to bamboo toothbrushes, stocked up on paper and glass straws, introduced reusable beeswax wraps…


    New Tetley Green Tea Giveaway

    I have never been a big tea drinker, in fact, I absolutely detested it and stuck to coffee for years, turning my nose up at tea. But with age comes knowledge…