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    8 Father’s Day gift ideas

    Father’s Day is just over 3 weeks away so I thought I’d give you some ideas for gifts – soap on a rope and socks are just not good enough! 1. Ocean Black…



    I seem to have a thing for lights at the moment – and they all seem to be from Weylandts! These retro mechanic lamps are the height of industrial chic –…


    Keep rocking

    This rocking chair from Weylandts is the shizness, but wait till you see the amazingness of these new pencil leg tables: Oh. My. Word. How beautiful!? Those legs kill me!!!!!!!!!!!…


    Glass Jars from Weylandts

    I’ve been after a large glass jar for ages – they’re also called demijohns or carafes and can come in clear or coloured glass. I think having a collection of sizes…


    Copper porn

    Weylandts are at it again, tempting me to shop up a storm… How awesome are these copper pendants though? And as for this dresser – ay carumba – I would love…


    The ask ashe Wishlist

    I have a problem and it’s called Weylandts. Never has a store existed, that I wanted pretty much everything inside it. This is that store. Anyway, I cannot afford everything in…