Wishlist: 11 for 2011

Happy new year, 2011 is here!
I heard someone refer to it as 20-heaven which I thought was pretty cool, and that got me thinking of my idea of heaven.

I’ve always been a traveler and explorer at heart – you can leave me on my own anywhere and I’ll find the magic in the mundane.
So with that in mind, I intend on broadening my horizons in 2011 and finding a little piece of heaven as often as possible, by exploring new places, meeting new people and doing new things.

I’ve lined up some trips around SA already, booked tickets to see some epic bands perform live and am just starting to plan an epicurean adventure of note!

I’ve made a wish list of my 11 for 2011:
1. Buy & renovate my first home (this is a biggie and already in the pipeline – eek)
2. Watch U2 live in concert at Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town
3. Take more bike trips along Durban’s promenade and perhaps do a midlands bike tour
4. Go on a Durban Streetscene tour
5. Watch Kings of Leon live in concert at Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town
6. Go on a cooking tour in Italy, starting in Rome and ending in Venice
7. Learn to speak Italian
8. Lose the Jonas brother living on my ass and run a bit more {wishful thinking}
9. Clear out all the unnecesary junk I’m hoarding and chuck it!
10. Do the painting I have in my imagination eventually, a blank canvas awaits
11. Smile more – it makes people wonder what I’ve been up to!
12. Find someone special to share this all with…

So that’s it, my wish list!
Some I will definitely be able to check off, others I will have to strive towards, but that is what’s cool about a wish list

What’s on yours?

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    11th January 2011 at 10:19 AM

    no’s 6 & 7 are at the top of mine also. divine wish list

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