The Package Project

The lovely Nadia from Cupcake Couture has started The Package Project – an exchange aimed at connecting bloggers around the world and to grow the blogging community even further.
It’s all about swapping pretty packages and handmade delights. The packaging only makes the exchange more fun so you can get really creative…think colourful strings, manila tags, stickers and ribbons galore.

Each package must be a joy to receive and each time you do receive one…pop out your camera and snap away. This way we all get to share in a bit of your excitement.

If you’d like to take part these are the criteria:
1. You need to have an active website – either a blog, shop, twitter or etsy site
2. If you commit and sign up you need to commit to sending a package – you don’t want to disappoint your package partner
3. The package can include anything from craft supplies, buttons or something that represents your home country or town. The aim is to make new friends so try not to blatantly promote your own products. Of course you can include some in your package as I am sure your new friend would love to see what you make and create
4. Please try to include about 5 different items or objects in your package. Nothing too valuable as you want it to arrive at its destination

Now send these details to:
Website: (blog, twitter, etsy etc.)
Email Address:
Location: (city / town)
Are you willing to send overseas:
What are your interests:
Favourite sites:

The inspiration for this project came from Oh Hello Friend. So glad Nadia has got it going this side of the world though!

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    Cupcake Couture
    9th March 2010 at 6:51 PM

    Thank you for blogging about The PP! Perfect way to get more wonderful bloggers signing up! Yey! Happy you are enjoying your clips!

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