La Muerte Reposado

It’s a mouthful – literally!
La Muerte Reposado is now available in Durban through Bianca Esteves – I LOVE the packaging and know a few people I’ll be gifting this to:

La Muerte Reposado begins its existence as a wild organic agave plant in the Karoo. 
The ‘heart’ of the carefully selected mature plant is slow-cooked and then crushed to extract a sweet nectar.
This nectar is slowly fermented and then quadruple distilled in micro batches to produce a clear, pure spirit with hints of citrus and sweet vanilla. (YUM!)
In the last, very important stage of metamorphosis, the spirit rests in a lightly charred American Oak barrel where it mellows and absorbs luscious notes of chocolate and butter. (Ok, swoon now…)
Pricing is R 275.00 per 750ml bottle
(price includes VAT and delivery)


Tel: (031) 569 5385
Fax: (031) 569 5381

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