New York: MoMA Store

I’ve eventually ploughed through my holiday pics and sorted the ‘snappy snaps’ from the inspirational ones and it’s time to start sharing…
What a phenomenal experience first of all, to have been in 2 of the hottest cities for fashion, decor, design and architecture in the space of 2 weeks – a real mind blow and one I will never forget!

I lived in London years ago so know it quite well, but it never ceases to amaze me with it’s innovative store windows, street fashion inspiration and those buildings always inspire me as I walk around, neck craned and snapping wildly.
As for New York, the last time I was there, I was 10 years old, on holiday with my family and sporting a ‘I heart NY’ shirt (very cute) and desperate to meet Mickey Mouse.

This time round, I was in awe of the bright lights, skyscraper buildings, fashion, food, design and night life – this really is a city that never sleeps and was a real eye opener. Being such a sucker for design and decor, meant I walked into every single homewares shop and design museum I could find and left each with a few sneaky snaps and a major yearning to book a container and refurnish my flat back home!

I have all these store sites bookmarked now and it’s going to be incredibly hard not to order stuff online – it’s all so inspiring.
The Museum of Modern Art Store was by far my favourite and all I really did was walk around for about an hour, with a glint in my eye and a smile on my face as I looked at every single item in detail. I then walked back round and bought all the stuff I could afford and fit in my case (not a lot!), but was very chuffed that a lot of the stuff in there, we could either get back here in SA, or I had it already thanks to sites like (those guys are so on it!)

The furniture was unreal, the kitchen utensils and gadgets mind blowing and loads of stationery bits were bought! My favourite stationery was the japanese washi tape on a wooden dispenser, but it weighted about 2kgs and I had to leave it behind :(

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