Good Food & Wine Show round up

If you haven’t been before or have been disappointed with previous year’s, then do pop in to the Good Food & Wine Show this weekend, it’s on until Sunday at 6pm.
I was very impressed with the increased number of stands compared to previous years and the much larger number of wine stands too, you can taste to your heart’s content!

Make sure you pop past the Fine Brandy. By Design stand – I am not a brandy drinker at all, so was very apprehensive of a brandy cocktail. But let me tell you, after I sipped my mate’s Fish Eagle Rio {Fish Eagle Brandy, Honey Water & Fresh Lime wedges} my mind had changed completely and I polished off a whole one myself! Crikey, it was delicious!

Black Mamba Chilli is a definite must too, they do chilli sauces in varying degrees of hotness, but also 2 sublime chilli pestos – the green one is now in the fridge at home – waiting to be smeared on everything!

We spent a long time chatting the to brewer of a new KZN Craft Beer – Standeaven – which is based up at Alverstone and has launched for the first time at the show. Their branding is heavenly and this family run business looks set to go from strength to strength as they are full of enthusiasm, energy and the beers are so tasty – this from a non-beer drinker is a big admission! The pilsener was a good one to try if you are not a beer drinker – very smooth and not too fizzy. Looking forward to some of the tastings and food pairings they mentioned starting in September some time – so watch the blog for details.

The show stopper for me though, was the Madecasse Madagascan Chocolate – oh my hat I bought 5 slabs of heaven! This is real chocolate – velvety and delicious – I seriously have never tasted better. Flavours include Arabica coffee {insane}, Cinnamon & Sakay, Sea Salt & Nibs, Pink Pepper & Citrus, Exotic Pepper and Milk Chocolate and the packaging is BEAUTIFUL!

There are many more stands, so go see for yourself… I’ll be muching on pesto, olives and chocolate all weekend, see you on the flipside!

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