Ask Ashe is 10

Never imagined back in 2009 that I would write that out in 2019 – Ask Ashe is flipping ten years old…

What a journey!
Over 2000 posts, over 4500 images and quite a few very different looks – if you’ve been following for a while, do you recognise any of these:

HAHAHAHAHAHHHHHAAAAA I had a good LOL looking in the wayback machine at what my site has looked like over the years!

I count myself extremely lucky to have been able to use blogging as a creative outlet, to share the things I love, what I’ve discovered, to showcase small businesses and brands, as well as the opportunity to travel, taste, see and review myriad South African places and spaces. 

Whilst I don’t blog as much anymore, preferring the speed of instagram and the ability to create movies and stories over there, this blog will always be my first love, where I discovered my true passion for sharing the beauty of South Africa and its entrepreneurs, creatives, crafters, curators and artisans.

To celebrate turning 10, I will be sharing a series of old posts, new discoveries, giveaways and some of the most common questions I’ve been asked over the years.

Keep your eye on this page, as well as my instagram and facebook pages for more details – and thank you for 10 years of awesome – the support has been incredible.

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