Butcher Boys Florida Road

I will never be vegetarian.
There I said it.

I have to say it, because although I am fully aware of the dangers apparently associated with eating red meat, I  cannot will not give it up. But I do choose to eat only good meat, from butchers I know and Butcher Boys on Florida Road is definitely a butcher I know.

I’ve known ‘Laz’ most of my life – it’s a love hate relationship.
He hates to admit that he loves me ;)
No seriously, I have known him a long time and have seen the incarnation of Butcher Boys from the days it opened in 1999 on the cusp of the millennium, to now when it has just undergone a bit of a facelift – typical for a 16 year old these days!

I have a standard order there – rare rib-eye served on a cold plate with a side of creamed spinach and fries. I promise this would be my last meal on earth request. It sounds simple and it is, there’s no need for a sauce or fancy topping when the steak is this good. Marbled and juicy, it’s like slicing through butter and it melts in your mouth just as easily.

We popped in there recently to try the new menu and have a look at the new decor. The subtle updates make such a difference to the space overall – leather banquette seating along two sides of the restaurant warm up the interior, while updated lighting throughout and a new menu board along one wall give the space a modern upgrade. A temperature controlled wine cellar has been added to the back of the restaurant giving connoisseurs, as well as those just after a glass of plonk a wide choice.

The menu has retained the most popular items and then a few new additions have appeared – I liked the sound of Rib Bruschetta which features deboned spare rib meat, sautéed with chorizo, bell peppers & BBQ sauce and is topped with parmesan and pesto. The chorizo chicken livers starter is a hit – the saltiness of the chorizo mixed with the chicken livers in a creamy chilli sauce is sublime – I drizzled it all with freshly squeezed lemon wedges.
You can also order a sharing platter for R165 where you choose any 3 starters and they’ll platter it for you –  my way of eating.

Whilst this is most certainly a carnivore destination, veggies need not fear, they have been catered for and not just with side bowl orders of veg – although their bowls of creamed spinach are the best in Durban in my opinion. There’s an oven baked black mushroom stuffed with spinach and danish feta and then grilled with parmesan over the top, as well as flash-fried haloumi, which is crisp and served on rocket, drizzled with lemon sauce.

We started off with the lemon & herb calamari and a summer salad which is smothered in some amazing secret recipe dressing – both delicious. We each had steak – one rib-eye and one prime rib, both cuts which were recommended by Laz, which we then shared – also my way of eating.
Steaks are wet or dry aged between 25 or 35 days depending on the cut and then basted and grilled on an open flame, giving them a very specific, delicious taste. I ventured out and tried a sauce for a change – the honey mustard which was sweet with a mustardy bite – yummy. And yes I had creamed spinach – flip it is good.

Butcher Boys is not just a steak house, they have a chicken and fish offering too, plus various combos thereof  – there’s usually a tuna special which is seared and crusted with black sesame seeds – amazingly delicious. The puddings are pure evil and hard to pass up, but we did – otherwise I might have exploded. Next time I’m headed straight for the malva pud though.

They do a few specials nights too:
Wednesday’s are boy’s night – R190 for a starter + main + 500ml Peroni Draught (selected options).
Thursday’s are date night – R460 for 2 people which includes a starter, main, dessert + a bottle of wine (selected options).
And if you sign up to their newsletter you could win a R500 meal voucher in their monthly draw.

This is the only place I eat red meat when I eat out – it really is the best in town.
I’m already craving another steak right now…

Find Butcher Boys at 170 Florida Road, Morningside
Contact: 031 312 8248 or 031 312 0143
Opening Hours:
12pm – 2.30pm Mon – Thurs
12pm – 3.00pm Fri – Sun & Public Holidays
6pm – 10pm Mon – Thurs
6pm – 10.30pm Fri & Sat
6pm – 9.30pm Sun

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  • Reply
    7th March 2016 at 9:03 PM

    Butcher Boys has seriously gone downhill. Last time I went there it was a mess of epic proportions., food and service both.

    • Reply
      Nicola Ashe
      8th March 2016 at 8:54 AM

      What a pity – I’ve always had outstanding service. Did you address this with management?

      • Reply
        14th March 2016 at 9:54 AM

        Yes, I did, and they responded well. It’s just a shame because this is supposed to be Durban’s premier steakhouse. Hopefully it was just an off day.

  • Reply
    3rd December 2015 at 11:46 AM

    couldnt agree more nicola – always great food and service, plus the ‘host with the most’!

    • Reply
      Nicola Ashe
      3rd December 2015 at 6:57 PM

      it wouldn’t be the same with him Robyn!

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