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I’ve admitted before that online shopping is one of my vices – I love being able to browse for what I want online in the comfort of my home and compare prices and stores and colours – so every time I find another store or new kind of offering online, I’m intrigued.
This time it’s an online jewellery store called Catalisa.

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Cath Kegel & Liz Souchon are the team behind Catalisa which they started in 2007, with the goal creating a unique range of high quality, yet affordable jewellery.

They create bespoke diamond and gemstone jewellery, including a selection of silver complimented by various gemstones, as well as brass, leather jewellery and the more contemporary stainless steel. They are able to source top quality diamonds, then design and make exquisite rings at a fraction of the retail price.

Now they’ve branched out online and their pieces are beautifully showcased in their online store where you can browse, pay and order safely & securely and also choose to have your purchases gift wrapped and personalised with a message if you are buying as a gift for someone special.

I particularly like the On-the-Go range which includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings and a mixture of metals, gemstones and leather. The range can easily be mixed and matched with your existing wardrobe – these bracelet combos are my favorite, especially the black and rose gold colourways:

They offer a consultation service too, so for anyone wanting a one on one session to chat about particular needs or specific designs, get hold of them on email or give them a call:

082 491 3222

083 458 6680

Visit their website for more products and prices.

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