Hello 2015

Wow, a whole new year is here – out with the old and in with the new they say hey…
I for one cannot believe how fast 2014 went – everyone says the same thing though – where has the time gone??? Well what with the amount of social & traditional media, good & bad news, work, deadlines, life-changing decisions, family, friends and a whole lot more in between, we are inundated with information and  overloaded with choices.
I am definitely not a resolution kind of person, but somehow I managed to commit to doing that get fit challenge and started banting – go figure!
And in the last 3 months of 2014, I sold my flat and have now started packing it up and we bought a new house!? Talk about changes!

SO, in between all this new stuff along with some of the old stuff, I think this mantra resonates with me this year – I will keep blogging to keep the creative juices flowing {I aways said it was what I did while other people were gymming so who knows when I will fit it in now, so bear with me}, I will get fit and I will squirrel away all my pennies.

And here’s hoping your 2015 is amazing.
x ashe


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