Hello blog :)
It’s been sporadic these last few weeks.
I’ve just finished a big contract with an awesome client and am starting to come up for air – the pressure to create blog posts whilst that was going on was immense! So forgive me for the radio silence every now and then. I do have some amazing places and people to share with you, so the writing will start in earnest this weekend, but I wanted to share the places you can find me other than here on the interwebs, in case you haven’t seen me there before – where have you been!?

Over on instagram I share pics from my daily travels, stuff I love and see around town, as well as a few sneak peeks of our new puppy, Pixel. He has his own instagram account – @pixelthebullie – so I don’t spam mine with too many pics of him! And on facebook I share lots of event stuff and goings-on around Durbs, as well as any cool design and designers I stumble across. I also often giveaway stuff on my facebook page only, so make sure you’re following ;)

Look out for a flurry of posts next week – I now have my A in G!

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