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Don’t know about you, but despite getting a few deals on Black Friday I still have loads of gifts to get for the family and at this time of the year, after 12 months of hard slog, I always like to get myself a little ‘from me to me’ present too ;)

Before I knew it though, my credit card statement looked a little scary and with Dec/Jan always feeling like the longest 2 months in history, that ‘from me to me’ present was looking like a pipe dream! 

Then I overheard a colleague talking about PayJustNow and BOOM, game change. I immediately investigated and couldn’t believe that such a clever option existed in the South African market – I was so impressed that I’ve even added it to the Ask Ashe Store.

Basically, PayJustNow offers 2 things – it offers consumers a zero interest way to pay for items in 3 instalments, and it offers merchants the opportunity to add the service as a payment option to their online store.

Let me say that again – ZERO INTEREST.

How exactly does it work?
PayJustNow is available as a payment option on a variety of online stores – find the list here – and they’re adding more each week. When you check out of any of these stores, you can choose to pay by credit card as usual, or via PayJustNow, which will debit your credit card (or debit card) in 3 equal amounts – one immediately, one on the 1st of the following month and finally, the last one on the 1st of the next month.

If you have not signed up with them before, after choosing PayJustNow at checkout, it literally takes 10 seconds to find out if you qualify – all they need is an email address, cellphone number, your ID number and a valid credit or debit card. I was given a R2500 spend limit, which will be assessed going forward based on my activity and payment reliability.

Where did I shop?
There were so many options that it was tricky to decide – on your first purchase through PayJustNow you can only shop at one merchant until that purchase is paid off – this is to ensure that you’re a good candidate for credit and that you pay your 3 instalments on time. As soon as they’re paid (or you pay them in full early with no penalty), you can shop across multiple stores and as you build up a credit rating, they’ll increase your limit.

After browsing through the Sweetpeas, Burnt Studios, Freedom of Movement, Kingsley Heath and 2 surf stores which my husband tried to convince me to shop in (ha!), I found the perfect gift for myself on Hey Gorgeous Skincare. 

Always wanted to give one of these a try, so I clicked ADD TO CART pretty quickly when I spotted it!


Just some of the other stores you can shop:

When do I get my product?

As far as the store is concerned – I’ve made my payment in full, so I’ll get my product as soon as they process and send it – they get their payment from PayJustNow immediately and I get my product without waiting for it to be paid off! Such a clever concept!!!

Cannot wait to receive my Hey Gorgeous order which I will share more of over on instagram stories, so keep an eye out for it – follow me here if you aren’t already.

Pretty sure this is going to be my new best friend when it comes to shopping online and I’ll be keeping a beady eye on their site for new merchant signups each week.

I’ll be doing a Q&A in instagram stories on this payment facility, so let me know what you think.

For more info on PayJustNow:

This post was sponsored by PayJustNow but all words and the experience are my own and what I chose to purchase was entirely my own choice. As always, this is a true reflection of the experience and you are welcome to send my any questions if you’d like more info.

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