You know the one?
We all know one!
They come too close to you when they’re speaking and fleck your face with spittle and bad breath. Or they insist on taking a turn past your desk after a smoke break. Or you get stuck under their armpit on public transport and you have to endure their garlic lunch breath.

Oh my word, I have experienced ALL of those!
And there is pretty much nothing worse!
Also, do you say something, or don’t you? I mean physically recoiling from someone you don’t know and don’t want that close to you is easy, but what to do if someone you know, or even love has chronically bad breath, medically known as halitosis. (Can you believe that the way that sounds makes it even worse to have it – it’s like your breath is ‘sis’!)

You might think smoking is cool, but it’s not and your breath stinks! My absolute worst is when a smoker pops a mint after their smoke break and then you get wafts of stale minty smoke – gag!!!

The team at BGM pharmaceuticals asked me to try their new product called Nova Breath and I jumped at the opportunity. Whilst I balk at the smell of someone else’s bad breath, I am acutely aware that I sometimes suffer from the same – too much coffee and gin and I absolutely adore garlic! (My poor husband ;) ) So I was keen to see if their products were all they said they were.

The Nova Breath range of products has been specifically designed and formulated to assist in the prevention and treatment of halitosis (chronic bad breath) and it’s available from leading pharmacies and health shops across SA, as an over-the-counter medicine, with no prescription needed. The range includes a mouthwash, mouth spray, lozenges and toothpaste and I tried the Nova Breath sugar-free lozenges and the mouth spray, using each for a week and was pleasantly surprised at the results.

Nova Breath Mouth Spray:
I liked that all you need is two squirts and it comes in a handy pocket-sized pack. Two squirts was all I did after brushing my teeth with my usual toothpaste in the morning and it kept me feeling fresh until late in the afternoon. It has a pleasant aftertaste and doesn’t taste ‘medicinal’, plus I liked that you can eat or drink about 10 minutes later and there’s no bitter taste in your mouth.

Nova Breath Lozenges:
I enjoyed these too and only used them after some lunch meetings when I felt like I needed a refresh. Easy to keep in the car and take whilst driving – you can have one every two to three hours and they come in blister packs of 32. Especially good after a garlicky pizza ;)

Halitosis is a medical condition – it can be treated.
Anyone can have it – halitosis affects men, women and children of all races.
It can be an embarrassing and very stressful condition resulting in isolation and being victimised.

Causes can be oral and non-oral and include the usual suspects – onion, garlic, coffee, alcohol and smoking – but also taking certain medications, hormonal changes, illness, or tooth decay.

The patented tested, natural herbal formulation includes Echinacea, Lavender, Mastic gum and Salvia extracts and is designed to provide long-lasting action, working in the mouth for up to eight hours.

So if you know someone, or if you think you might be suffering, turn your bad breath day into a good one. Especially with Valentine’s Day next week when there’ll be lots of occasions to pucker up ;)
I’ve popped the pocket-sized Nova Breath mouth spray in my handbag for those moments when a mint won’t do – particularly after a yummy lunch or dinner ;)


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    Carey-Anne Kerby
    9th February 2018 at 11:05 AM

    As a receptionist this is my biggest fear!! Hoping to find a stockest nearby!!

    • Reply
      Nicola Ashe
      21st February 2018 at 4:50 PM

      Hope you’ve found some – I use the spray whenever I have a meeting now ;)

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