Pleekō Print Studio

Say hello to Pleekō,
They are going to be your new best friend when it comes to all things cute and quirky in the world of printed stickers, posters, canvas, wallpaper, banners – you name it!

I first ‘met’ Petro when she owned Monoshop. I say met loosely because we are virtual friends – we’ve never met in person, but oh my word I just know we would get on like a house on fire if we did! She has taste in bucketloads and everything she does is pure magic when it comes to design & creativity.
Pleekō is her new baby and I’m so excited to introduce it to you AND host a pretty rad giveaway.

Their online store stocks a beautiful range of products, featuring the designs of a carefully curated group of local artists, whose designs are digitally printed onto the products.
So not only are you supporting local, but you’re getting some incredible art for your home or office!

One of my fave artists in the store is Vos & Ink and I love how Petro has included a page on her website where you can get a glimpse into who the artists are.

“I am a watercolour artist from Pretoria. I grew up in the subtropical bushes of Tzaneen (my heart still lives there). While growing up, I was never considered the artistic child, I only started to draw when I lived in the Netherlands for a year after school. I had one or two watercolour lessons there after, but I consider myself as a self taught artist. I get easily inspired by nature. I love working with warm colours such as greens, reds and yellow. My longterm plan/dream is to become a book illustrator.” ~ Alisa Gunter (Vos & Ink)


Not only do Pleekō sell a fab range of printed goods, if you want your own branded stuff done, they can design and print it for you too at their studio in Somerset West – and it doesn’t have to be a monstrous quantity either. Pleekō is a small family-run business and they have their own digital printer, plus they make everything by hand.

So you’re not just another number to them, they are there to help you get exactly what you need.

So now for our giveaway!
What can you win?

One person can win their choice of 2x A4 prints and a canvas bucket, in any design available on the store – yay how cool!
To enter, head over to my facebook or instagram pages.

That’s it!
A winner will be chosen at random on Monday 3 September 2018 at 5pm.
Prize will be sent directly to winner by Pleekō. You can enter on either instagram or facebook as many times as you like.

See more from Pleeko here:

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