Yashitomo Nara

I mentioned that I’ve bought some of these postcards from lisa & jo which have this funny, often grumpy little girl on them. Jo kindly let me know the artists name today – Yashitomo Nara. So off I went to garner more info on this man and found a whole lot more designs to put a wry smile on my dial.

Wikipedia said he was born in Hirosaki, Japan in 1959 and he’s a contemporary Japanese pop artist.
“Nara first came to the fore of the art world during Japan’s Pop art movement in the 1990s. The subject matter of his sculptures and paintings is deceptively simple: most works depict one seemingly innocuous subject (often pastel-hued children and animals drawn with confident, cartoonish lines) with little or no background.
But these children, who appear at first to be cute and even vulnerable, sometimes brandish weapons like knives and saws. Their wide eyes often hold accusatory looks that could be sleepy-eyed irritation at being awoken from a nap—or that could be undiluted expressions of hate.” [wikipedia]

I LOVE the description of being woken up from a nap! That’s so me…

So here is my small beginner’s collection of the ‘Oh! My god! I miss you’ postcard series on my kitchen inspiration board:

And I’ll be ordering some online in the future once I’ve bought all of lisa & jo’s stock!  :)

Thanks so much to them both for stocking such gorgeous stuff and for my gift pack with another postcard in it!

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